Happy Birthday United States Marine Corp

237 years today

2008 USMC Birthday Message

This is the 2008 Birth­day Mes­sage from the Com­man­dant of the Ma­rine Corps Read more

For Honor, For Country: 2012 Marine Corps Birthday Message

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One Response to Happy Birthday United States Marine Corp

  1. Elaine says:

    God Bless Them All. I don’t know how they have the courage to do all that they do… BUT THEY DO!

    I really do want an answer to this. We’ve been going over there since?????
    What has been resolved? Have any of the countries we have intervened for remained free and govern themselves “IN THE MIDDLE EAST?”

    If so? Which ones?
    How long have they been free?
    Do they still govern themselves? Is there peace anywhere?

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