Newt Gingrich, Restoration Weekend 2012 at the Breakers, Palm Beach, Florida. November 15th – 18th.

The Republicans should have nominated Newt. The leadership should have backed Newt, not Romney.


(RW) David Horowitz’s Restoration Weekend 2012 at the Breakers, Palm Beach, Florida. November 15th – 18th.

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2 Responses to Newt Gingrich, Restoration Weekend 2012 at the Breakers, Palm Beach, Florida. November 15th – 18th.

  1. Elaine says:

    We didn’t choose Romney. We will live with it; and his campaign…the Rock Campaign was amazing; however, it took time to get to this place to be enthusiastic about electing him.

    Allow me to start by saying, IT DOESN’T MATTER IF YOU WERE FOR OR AGAINST NEWT GINGRICH AND MICHELLE BACHMAN. Having said that,this the the sequence of events that placed Romney where he is today. What matters is THIS IS NOT THE WAY WE ELECT A PRESIDENT!

    Romney and Newt G. were both running (as well as Bachman). The Media, more or less shoved her aside immediately even criticizing her eyes during a campaign for “looking strange”. Her eyes are blue and the lighting of the camera caught them wrong. That seems like a small thing, but now we know it was all part of demeaning anyone who the “powers that be didn’t want.” But! It was more than that. She spoke out very loud and clear that Musilms were infiltrating our Federal Government.
    And, that’s when the catty criticism about her eyes began.

    Initially, During the same time period, a Soros produced poll ws going around. You may have seen it. We’ve all seen these polls. There are all these photo(s) of each candidate along with the photo(s) who those who could be chosen as the President’s VP. We all tried to Pull “Newt’s photo into the position of President”.
    It wasn’t allowed!!! Romney’s photo was already there! We were “allowed(?)” to choose his VP running mate. Did you read that? “ALLOWED TO CHOOSE his VP running mate; and this was long before the Caucus(s).

    Newt’s numbers were far higher than Romney’s. And, There were many of us on Newt’s site blogging. Newt supporters were “banned”. Yes, On Newt’s site we were banned. Several of us wrote Palin, Newt, and others to let them know. Seems that the Romney people had taken over “Newt Gingrich’s site” banning every one off as they explained, they had turned Newt’s site into Romney/Santorum.

    Now the road was clear for Romney “it seemed.” Following this time, there were TWO Caucus(s) that they found fraud. That was simply “sluffed off.”
    Romney continued on…..They something unusual happened. Ron Paul filed a law suit and made it public that Romney had been voted in with heavy coercion,
    threats of violence IF anyone didn’t vote for Romney. The law suit DID work. They were NOW allowed to vote their conscience.

    It was at this time that Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin and Michelle decided to show up in Florida for a Brokered Convention (a/k/a Open Convention) since they
    were going to be allowed to vote their conscience(s). Well, all hell broke loose. Do you remember when they suddenly decided they were “sceered” of the possible upcoming storm? That afternoon, suddenly they had this New FEAR…they were now sceered of the OWS (huh?) THEN IT WAS DECIDED to have Call IN the votes vs. being there in person. Why? Go back up and read….Gingrich, Palin and Michelle Bachman were going to be there!!! They WANTED Romney no matter
    what they had to do!!! I don’t think we know yet why they wanted him so badly to “destroy” the way we have always selected who would be running as a Republican.

    It gets even worse. BEFORE the NEW way to vote — the call-in vote was announced, there was an organized car blocking attack…to block all the those who were open and wanted to vote for Palin, Bachman and/or Gingrich. They kept those people away deliberately! This next event IS THE MOST DAMAGING AND WILL FOREVER CHANGE HOW OUR PRESIDENT IS CHOSEN!

    The RNC wrote their NEW RULE. THEY DECIDE WHO GETS TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT AND WHO DOESN’T. In other words, there will be no debates, etc., OR
    the freedom of Jim Who-body to jump into the race for President UNLESS the RNC agrees and wants him. This NEW rule has forever changed our way of electing
    a president. This is the groundwork for the NWO. A DECIDED GROUP leaders in each country will decide who is their leader vs. the citizens of the country voting.

  2. Elaine says:

    As you can tell by my “verb tense”, I wrote this some time back….it is none-the-less true.
    Our Entire Country has been taken over by those with their own agenda; AND IT IS NOT THE AMERICA that we know and love.

    For some reason the video is not wanting to start. It is sitting there just spinning. I don’t know if it is me??? or??

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