Muslims praise an Islamic piece of scum named Nidal Hasan!

An Officer & a Gentleman

Friday, 06 November 2009 00:24 Revolution Muslim

Major Nidal Hasan M.D.

An officer and a gentleman was injured while partaking in a preemptive* attack.

Get Well Soon Major Nidal

We Love You

We do NOT denounce this officer’s actions,we do however apologize for the following acts committed by our country:

Bay of Tonkin

The East Timor Massacre by USA Supported Suharto

1902 Samar Massacre in the Philippines by the USMC

1,000,000 Dead Iraqis

Afghani & Pakistanis Killed by the USA

Starvation of Africa & Rape of it’s Resources by the USA

Support of the Brutal “Israeli” Occupation Entity

Etc. Etc.

Every day is Fort Hood for the world community due to USA policies and & their tyrant totalitarian puppet regimes. Rest assure the

slain terrorists at Fort Hood are in the eternal hellfire and it is not to late for YOU to change your policies.

Sharing a Smile with The International Community,

Yousef al-Khattab

*as opposed to a USA’s”Preventive War”(aka war crimes)

Source for above, Revolution Muslim, and you can read the comments here. This is Islam, WTF?  Praise this Islamist pig and condemn those that he murdered and wounded calling them “terrorists”. Obama wants to bring more of these people here. Maybe the answer is to not bring any more here and deport all that are not citizens. They want to leave their homelands and move to the west, but will not assimilate into western society. Once in a host country like a cancer they set on a path of overtaking with their host with their backward stone age beliefs.

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