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Mark Levin Rants Against ‘Blithering Idiot’ Harris-Perry For Her MSNBC Ad ‘Straight Out Of Communist Manifesto’

    Another day, another segment in which conservative radio host Mark Levin goes after an MSNBC host for their on-air remarks. On Tuesday, it was “pathetic” Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough for his comments about the NRA; and last … Continue reading

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MSNBC Audience Boos Nine-Year-old Girl For Wanting Romney To Win Election

Via Breitbart What else would one expect from the assholes that support Obama, the chief ASSHOLE! Tweet //

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MSNBC Panel Debates Using the Word ‘Hero’ To Describe Fallen Soldiers

Via Newsbustes Chris Hayes may be uncomfortable calling our fallen troops heroes but I’m quite comfortable calling him a liberal douche bag. Our fallen troops did so to preserve his right to be an asshole. Tweet //

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